The New Universal Bexsol/Amut Line for PC multiwall and solid panels has been designed on.


Privileges that in our opinion are a must for a new Universal Line for the production of PC panel system.
Designed to make the most sophisticated multiwall and solid PC products, the new Universal Bexsol/Amut Line consists of :

- Nr.2 Main extruders
- Nr.2 Co-extruders
- Feeding and dosing system
- Nr. 2 Melt pumps + screen changers
- 4 ways-Feed-Block
- Calibrator's Table
- Haul-off
- Calibrator's Thermo-control and Vacuum system
- Film Masking Unit
- Crosswise Cutting Machine
- Main Power – Supervisory - Temperature's control

All parts assembling the new Universal Bexsol/Amut Line are made in Europe, mainly in Italy and Switzerland. All the extruders are made by Amut Spa and the feeding and dosing system is made by Dega Spa, both very well-known Italian firms, famous for the quality and the reliability of their products. Melt pump and screen changers are Maag Pump System AG, a Swiss company leader in this application. The software to control the full line is also Amut made, giving to Bexsol the possibility to use software designed to work with the most sophisticated extrusion lines and tested in hundred of applications.
Accessory equipment and TOOLING are made by Bexsol.

In the past for the production of a new PC multiwall panel the rule was to make a single line dedicated to the specific product; different shape, different line. Nowadays this is no longer convenient, just too expensive! due to the reduced average volume lots of production.
A new line must be Universal designed to allow production of a variety of profiles and all the components must be suitable for different geometries.
As a matter of fact the previous rule became unbearable and first in the world, the new Universal Bexsol/Amut Line can produce not only different multiwall panels but also corrugated solid profiles using special tools designed to reduce production costs.

Our thirty-three year experience in PC extrusion is the sound basis of the development of all our tools, dies and calibrators, allowing a constant production quality giving you the possibility to have stabile production, quick setup, quick product changing, high output where and when necessary or even very low output if required.

We will be very happy to show you our New Universal Bexsol/Amut Line here in our R&D center site at Riva San Vitale sure that it will give you the full picture of the extraordinary performance of this Plant.

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Architectural glazing watertight outstanding performance and flexibility. Tongue and groove jointing for an aesthetically uniform surface. Suitable for cladding and roofing in combination with profiled metal sheet and sandwich panels. Suitable for cladding and roofing in combination with corrugated fiber cement roof. Suitable for cladding and roofing in combination with profiled metal sheet and sandwich panels.