>> 01.10.2013 - The New Universal Bexsol/Amut Line for PC multiwall and solid panels
  Privileges that in our opinion are a must for a new Universal Line for the production of PC panel system.
Designed to make the most sophisticated multiwall and solid PC products, the new Universal Bexsol/Amut Line consists of....
>> 19.09.2013 - This is BEXSOL new goal!
  After few years of research and testing BEXSOL is proud to present its New Geometry for simple multi-wall sheets! Designed to save material the New Geometry gives you more advantages....
>> 02.08.2013 - Innovation
  Unique in the world, Bexsol produce 2 UV saver males. Thanks to the combination usage of its own feed blocks and the 2 UV saver males, Bexsol guarantee the manufacturing of coextruded sheets, on both sides without any triangle effect.