BEXSOL coextrusion leaders are ready to cooperate carrying out new solutions, new effects, new products, new materials,paying special attention to the costumer concern of making products economically advanced.

Bexsol’s laboratory and testing dept is equipped with a complete extrusion line,having max width 1300 mm.
Support to customer’s R&D is given through the availability of the line for testing prototypes in various geometries,weight and thickness with the possibility to manifacture samples to be used for marketing purpose all services available with a very low investiment by the customer

>> Equipment

Extrusion equipment for varies policarbonate panels, elements and systems

>> Die for Hollow Profile
Multiwall structurated die made of stainless steel.
No restrictor bar for easy operating. Movable and flexible lip for easy start operation.
Die components (for example: screws,heating elements,etc.) of best brand.
Bexsol’s males and lips technology suits any type of die.
>> Calibration Unit
Bexsol supply complete calibration units,suitable to be equipped of multiple calibrating elements.
Single calibration plates are available and surface reconditioning of existing plates possible.
Calibration system for special profiles can be studied and adjusted to any existing calibration bench.
>> Coextrusion Feed Block
Bexsol’s coextrusion feed blocks have been specifically studied and built to get a perfect coex distribution also and above all to cut down production changes idle time.
A conical jaw coupling allows quick changes.
Coex configuration changes are also possible by simple changing inserts in the feed block, no extra operation is required.